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Judith Rosenberg

Chief Executive Officer, GSE Analytical Research 

Possesses of over 20 years of experience in investment analysis and management, and corporate credit transactions.


Prior to joining GSE Ms. Rosenberg founded and managed a private credit fund for SME’s, served as VP of Investments for Discount Bank Capital Markets, served as a senior analyst in Midroog, a leading Isreali rating agency (a subsidiary of Moody’s) and as that firm’s VP Business Development.

GSE Analytical Research is an independent company owned by GSE, providing debt and equity analysis as well as transaction analysis for the majority of Israeli's leading financial institutions, trust funds and banks. It is the largest debt analysis company, both quantitatively and qualitatively.


The company also provides analyses of securities issued by foreign issuers.

In addition to analytical endeavors, the company has developed alongside leading academics, a model for qualitative corporate governance rating for all the public firms operating within the Israeli financial market.


The company is involved in the development of financial models, devising debt settlements and accompanying institutional organizations.

GSE Analytical Research and Corporate Governance fully owns and operates a subsidiary, GSE Investment Consultants, which provides debt consultancy services to the advisory division of Bank Hapoalim.


Both companies provide their valuable research services solely to institutional organizations, trust funds, banks and governmental offices.



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