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GSE's financing and investment banking division specialize in:

   • Corporate finance 


   • Project finance

   • Rating and bond's offering advisory

   • Structured finance and securitization 


   • Leverage buyouts


   • Restructuring

Positioned as an innovator and a market leader, and backed by an unsurpassed professional staff, we have been greatly successful in raising funds through equity and debt vehicles.


Our executive team combines extensive hands-on experience, in-depth theoretical knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the major players operating within the Israeli banking system and capital markets.

Providing end-to-end financial solutions, we accompany our clients in all matters relating to financial strategy realization: deal structuring, credit rating processes, selection of appropriate source of funds and assisting in the fund raising process.


Our comprehensive expertise allows us to furnish clients with a vast scale of financing solutions, from "plain vanilla" to the most complex multi-layered models comprising senior, subordinated and mezzanine tiers.


Each case is specifically devised while viewing the particular financing requirements from the perspectives of both the client and the financial institutions we choose to work with on a given transaction.

Our synergetic capabilities combine a profound understanding of the local banking system, capital market and financial institutions while providing a valuable gateway to international banks and capital markets. We have a developed international practice and have been greatly successful in raising funds from the Israeli capital market for both local and international clients, inter alia, in advisory for bond issuances.


As our firm is not affiliated or partnered with any financial entity, we are able to benefit from maximum freedom and flexibility when choosing the right source of funds for our clients.


Gadi Beeri

Business Partner, Head of Corporate Finance Advisory

Before joining GSE, Mr. Beeri served as VP of Business Development at Standard and Poor's Maalot (Senior Director). 

Mr. Beeri is an expert in corporate finance, rating advisory and advisory for public offering. 

Prior to that he served as the Executive Vice President and Head of Corporate Ratings at Maalot.


Mr. Beeri holds an MBA and a BA in Economics, both from Tel Aviv University.

תמונה דובי.jpg

Dov Perla, CPA

Deputy Head of Corporate Finance Advisory

Mr. Perla is a corporate finance professional with vast experience in economic, financial and risk management consulting for clients in Israel and abroad in the private and public sectors.

He Specializes in corporate finance, rating advisory and financial strategy.


Prior to joining Giza, he worked at Deloitte in the financial sector - auditing financial institutions and as a risk management consultant (ERS).


Mr. Perla Holds a B.A. in Business Administration, specializing in Accounting and he is a certified public accountant (CPA).


Roi Mevorach

Middle Market Manager

An expert in financing SMB's and growth companies with over 11 years of experience in managing customer relationships, analysis, business development, debt raising and financial accompaniment of companies and projects in a variety of industries.


Prior to joining GSE, Roi held a position as a senior analyst in the commercial division of Discount Bank for 7 years .


Roi holds a bachelor's degree in economics  and a master's degree in business administration and strategy from the College of Management.

Sagy Halperin, CPA

Department Manager

Mr. Halperin specializes in corporate finance and financing transactions, with over 10 years of experience in financial and deal-related advisory and analysis.


Prior to joining GSE Mr. Halperin served as a senior consultant and team leader in KPMGs deal advisory and M&A practice.


Mr. Halperin holds a B.A. in Accounting and Economics and an MBA with specialization in financial management from Tel Aviv University.


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